Much of the work that Eimear does uses the ThetaHealing meditation technique.  By using the theta brainwave – that’s the one that’s activated when in deep meditation – it is possible to work with you to identify and instantly clear subconscious beliefs that may be blocking you  from achieving all that you want in your life; in relationships, health or at work, or from moving beyond fears, trauma or phobias.

These beliefs can be adopted by us at any stage in our life; most commonly they are formed when we are children but they may also be passed on to us by family members, ancestors or society, or they may be due to a past experience that our soul is holding on to.  What’s key is identifying the negative beliefs and then releasing them so that they can be replaced with an empowering energy that allows you to create the life you desire.

ThetaHealing is a talk-based modality and I do consultations at various locations in London or via Skype.   To find out more or to make an appointment email me.

About Vianna Stibal, Founder of ThetaHealing

After discovering a way to heal her body from cancer in 1995, Vianna Stibal pioneered and refined the method referred to as the ThetaHealing technique. Since then,  she has become internationally known as a remarkable teacher and sponsor of ThetaHealing techniques. Learn more here