I truly love autumn. Every year it surprises me. I always think I’m going to be sad saying goodbye to long summer evenings, short sleeves and drinks in the park but then BANG, the trees are red, gold, yellow, orange and every shade in between and I am left breathless at how utterly stunning this season is.

I think the other reason I love it (as if the beauty wasn’t enough!) is because of the message it holds for us.  And for me that message is that there is no real beginning, middle or end in life; there are simply changes, and even the most difficult of changes bring us an opportunity to reflect, a chance to grow and to return anew.

And it makes me wonder… what would it be like to weather the changes in our life the way a forest of trees weathers theirs? To allow change without fighting it? And by that I don’t mean to accept things that are wrong or to allow others to dictate your life to you. But for those changes that we truly can’t control, what would it take for us to stand tall and strong like a tree? So often when difficult change happens in our lives, we want to curl into a ball and hide, or repress the experience through alcohol or drugs. And while it may feel ok to do that for short a while, it can ultimately leave us feeling isolated, depressed and unable to take charge of our life.

Wouldn’t it be preferable for us to allow the change to take place, without closing ourselves off to everyone and everything else that life has to offer? To remain open to receiving?  To remain open to being aware of the inner strength and resilience that each of us has with (yes, each and every one of us.)

Having recently lost my Mom, death and the (currently incomprehensible) change that implies are very close mind; what it means for the person who’s gone and what it means to the loved ones they’ve left behind.  I’ve barely stepped onto the rollercoaster of emotions that grieving for my mom will bring; from the huge gratitude that she was my mom, to the deep sorrow that I won’t see her again and the many unexpected memories and emotions in between.  But, as this beautiful season surrounds us, I’m aiming to take inspiration from Mother Nature; to allow this change and its impact to happen without resisting what it brings. I know I am lucky to have an amazing support network and I also have a top toolkit to nurture myself through whatever comes along. For that, I am grateful.